Vildar Kingdom
Welcome to the Vildar Kingdom: Role-Playing Forum, here is what you need to do to jump into the action and fun.
-Create a character in the Character Sheet Thread
-Introduce yourself
-Start posting in the Role-Play threads
Hope you have fun role-playing
Best of luck and as always best of role-playing

Vildar Kingdom

This is a Role Play Group for the IMVU RP Group Vildar Kingdom Here you can become anything you want and let your imagination run loose with adventure, amazing story line and never ending possibilities of role playing, come in have fun and make some new
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Meet the new Co-Administrator and Affliction Leader Trauma
Everyone be sure to sign up for the June Champions of Vildar Tournament, we need combatants. SIGN UP TODAY!!!

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    Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:26 pm
    Message by Ven Vernier - News and New Co-Admin
    Hey Trauma it is Ven
    I need you to check the and update the FAQ's posting and see if there are an responses
    we will be having a new Co-Admin joining us pretty soon so hope to see you two
    learn from one another and get tips from each other.
    His name is Austin, he should be joining by Friday of this week, if not next week.
    Hope you keep up the good work

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Rank: Affliction Leader and Co-Admin
Affliction Leader and Co-Admin