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 Leveling Up System

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Ven Vernier
Ven Vernier
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PostSubject: Leveling Up System   Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:24 pm

Along with the Role-Playing will come with a semi automatic leveling up system that will be applied to all role playing characters in the forum.
Levels can be gained by the following
1. Killing Monsters in random event battles
2. Sparring with Friends or Enemies (will also gain you G and skill points)
3. Defeating an enemy or defeating anyone you engage
4. Fighting and Beating a challenge from another role play character
5. Beating and Participating in random event boss fights
6. Posting a certain amount of posts will also advance your level (quicker way to do it)

You can notice the level marking system on the left hand side
Undereneath your name will be a listed level, thus level being what you are
the levels are not that complex
These are the list of levels and required posts to obtain them.
Level 1 1 post
Level 2 5 posts
Level 3 15 posts
Level 4 25 posts
Level 5 30 posts
Level 6 35 posts
Level 7 40 posts
Level 8 45 posts
Level 9 50 posts
Level 10 55 posts
Level 11 60 posts
Level 12 65 posts
Level 13 70 posts
Level 14 75 posts
Level 15 80 posts
Level 16 85 posts
Level 17 90 posts
Level 18 95 posts
Level 19 100 posts
Level 20 105 posts

There will be sometimes special ranks, that only certain people can obtain
such as the following ranks
Clan Leader
Clan Captain
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Leveling Up System

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