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 Pariox Orbit [Space and Travel RP]

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Ven Vernier
Ven Vernier
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Admin and Alliance Captain

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PostSubject: Pariox Orbit [Space and Travel RP]   Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:22 pm


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Aaron havok
Aaron havok
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PostSubject: Re: Pariox Orbit [Space and Travel RP]   Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:37 pm

Out in the quiet seclusion from space laying slightly motionless a ship that was heavily damaged from hull to the bulkhead. Smoke was receding from the ships engines and the main operational lights were misfunctioning. Inside the huge ship contained only one person. This person being locked away into a crenated sleep container. Suddenly the pod bursted open, sending the main pod door flying upwards and out of the way and falling out a older looking boy within his mid 20's. His shirt retaining the name AARON 001. Aaron stood up wobbling to his feet, his muscles and bones weak and nimble due to little and no movement in the past 2 years the cryo pod calender signaled. He quickly regained his ability to walk and stand and made his way over to the containment locker. He dressed himself in his black shirt and black pants. Grabbing his signature gunner coat he had obtained during his time doing duty in the Mosolia Crude Oil fields of Mesopotainia. He pulled his sleeves on tighter and snugged it to his body. He made his way down the main bulk hall to the control room. There lay no one in the ship. The hallways and escape pods empty other than Aaron's. He shook his head knowing his crew left and sat down at the control chair resting behind the wheel. He gripped it tightly and used his right hand to fiddle with the computer screens, pressing on buttons and doing voice commands. "Fuck...damn thing is useless...ELLANA set a crash course to nearest planet and get me there in one piece you damn AI" Aaron ordered to the ships Image Artificial Intelligence. Soon a holograph image of a girl in a long coat and dark brown hair popped up beside his chair and speaking lightly. "Ship navigation set to planet Pariox, crash course ammonite, prepare for set course and mark 3, 1..2..3 marked. And please do refrain from calling me a damned AI" Ellana spoke softly before disappearing. Aaron smirked to himself and buckled his chair waiting for the ship to crash into Pariox.

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Pariox Orbit [Space and Travel RP]

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