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 SPOILER!!!! Hex Scene

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PostSubject: SPOILER!!!! Hex Scene   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:36 am

Hex asks for Ven's forgivness before dying.

Ven stood for a moment, relaxing in the tensation of the moment, the cool cut breeze of the field and the bitter chill air of the night sky reaches down to kiss his dirt and blood dirtied skin. Ven sighed shortly, raising his head in the sky for air, his nose filling with the autumn smell of pine and cedar tree and brush cut grass that grew long in the field of which he stood. His hands trembled slightly from the wake of the battle which now lay dead and calm of night. Ven brought his trembling hand up to his face, brushing the blonde bangs from his eyes, which is stained from blood that tampered the light color of it. Ven trembled for a moment, weakness getting the best of him, waryness of the battle before, the long day that was spent with violence and misery, something that
struck vens heart much like a cold dire pin through the soft feathery feel of fabric. He clintched his chest at the pain that was coursing though it, filling his body with trembling agony and eye clintching pain. He shuddered, breaking the silence of the night with a slight huff and wincing yelp. He relaxed once more, sighing with relief. There was so much pain that much to break a man with slight mention of what was now history. Ven lowered his eyes into a half gazed distant stare, seeing the now fading shadows of the hell mergers, that rose from the ground to reek havok, the same ones, Ven and Hex had to ward off from destory not only themselves, but the rest of
the work that they inhabited. Ven turned, his breath quickening as he remembered Hex, how she was so deeply struck with the blow of Zazch's spear, the impale witnessed before Ven's eyes. He soon grew worried not spotting her around. Ven wanted to scream in the moment, call for everyone, needing help to find her. His eyes only caught image of Mishi who was standing, his hand clintched to his shoulder and his free arm wrapped delicatly around Kat's body, keeping her safe from the non existant threat now. Kat was in a weakened state as well, her bloodied body was
barely standing, only that of willpower and Mishi's arm that kept her up. Hiroko stood silently as she pointed behind Ven. Quickly he turned and spotted what he was hunting, laying in the tall grass, hunched in a painful position layed Hex, bloodied from the impale wound directly in her stomach. Ven rushed to her side, sliding to his knees beside her, his light blue eyes illuminated in the sunset's glissing erray of rays that bounced within their color. Ven brough a hand behind her head, feeling the softness of her hair, her lime green eyes shining much like
his. She was trembling, her body cold as ice when touched. The coldness of her skin, tickling at Ven's warm hands as he ran his hand down her arm and over her stomach to feel her wound. The crimson liquid stained his fingers, the soft feeling of it trinkled down his hand and was felt under his fingers. Ven stared down at her, wanting to break the silence, but the only thing he registered at the moment was a teary eyed stare, those tears soon falling from his eyes gently pass his cheeks to the face of Hex. The fallen tear was enough to make Hex realize Ven was there
with her at the moment, holding her upper body slightly off the ground within his hands. She gave a slight wimper as he pulled her up higher. Ven didnt know what to do, he was so deprived of energy he felt as though he was going to fall right there, but he was strong for the moment, strong for the words he wanted to say right then. He brought his free hand to her chest and motioned a cressent crosses and X on her chest. He sighed slightly and did a prayer for those who needed it before passing over and for those who needed protection and health.

Where there is death, let me sow life;
Where there is injury, let heal;
Where there is doubt, lets have faith;
Where there is despair, there be hope;
Where there is darkness, let illuminating light;
And where there is sadness, bring us joy.
O divine yhunson
Grant that she may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love;
For it is in giving that she receive,
It is in pardoning that she is pardoned,
And it is in dying that we she is born to eternal life.
Where she ma...

Ven was haulted his prayer as Hex's hand came to graps his wrist and she silences him with a head usher of shaking it no. Hex parted her lips, dry of deprived liquid and dry of the ash they fell from the sky from the death of the hell raiser they defeated. She opened her eyes slightly, both being bright of shine of the tears that retained in them. She smiled slightly and spoke breaking the brief silence."Stop it...dont you know I dont believe in fairy tales?" Hex asked as she hoisted herself up a little, relaxing and trembling both in his arms. Ven looked down at her, his eyes at a half gaze as he stared into his, why were words so easy to think, why so hard to speak? Ven didnt question his lack of speaking but finally came to his senses and spoke to her question. "Fairy, the
truth..those who pass recieve a prayer for eternal life, one which a good person as yourself deserves" Ven said not smiling, the moment to deathly to smile. She shook her head once more, thinking he was the same, and more stupid than ever, but another feeling rose over the others, the feeling of love that lay yet unmentioned until now. "That priest made you weak Ven..filled your head with nonsense..." Hex spoke and continued "Me and you both know that, that life was not meant for you, but yet you strive at it...thank you for the prayer..but there is something I have
to tell you Ven..something that need be said long ago, that I have held off for so long." Hex spoke with a slight scarlet filling of her cheeks. Ven tilted his head to the side very slightly and stared down at her, the sunset's breeze blowing the bangs from his eyes and the beads that tied some hair on his right side dangle and click within the winds passing. He stared down at her waiting her speaking, as she gathered her courage to make the admittance she has so long awaited to let loose. "Im know, for all the things that I have done...all the things
that I have done to you that never deserved..I have for so long done terrible things to you, you yet done a single wrong against me, you derserved the life I took from you, if I could take it back I would, would in a heartbeat....I just wish to sorry..for everything..and that..if not so much to this needing time of mine..for forgivness.....and.........." Hex said her voice growing nible and weak with each word that left her mouth, taking her energy and last breathe to speak her final justice. "I love you Ven..." Hex said with a slight smile as a single tear ran down her cheek and to the cold grown which she will lay. Ven stopped, only his heart
made movement within him, there was a hault in his reality, the time which he lived seemed to be cut short and filled with bliss of her words, secrely he longed to hear since childhood, Ven felt himself tinge with happiness and complete sorry at the same time. He let himself shed tears, all rolling down his cheek and to her body that was held so tightly within his arms. He stared back down at her, speaking finally the words that pressed against his heart and let loose the chains that binded them against speaking. "Hex..I love yo.." His words were cut short of
her hand leaving his wrist and falling to the cold ground, the moist dew that remained on the gracefully blowing grass seeds moistined her skin and it lay without feeling on her body. She breathed no more, no life was in preccence there, nothing but the warm of Ven's hands on her was still living. Ven stopped, the bliss gone and the feeling of slight happiness faded without warning. He stared down at her and quickly grabbed her hand and held it up above her, his voice cut by tearful and sorrow splits, breaking his voice he slightly shouted. " is
to soon fo.." Ven stopped knowing his yelling was not going to bring her back, nor help the situation of sorrow. He gently grabbed her wrist and rested it on her chest and leaned down, gently placing his lips against her forehead, tasting the sweet suction of her skin and smelling the sweet fragrance of which was once amazing of her living being. Ven stood up slightly, his legs buckling but still standing as he shook. The moment was so grim and Ven was none to speak, he knew that his life was now not ever to be the same, nor will it grow better from this death. Hex
was gone and never to return and Ven's love finally set free to be with her as she sleeps. Ven turned looking at the rest of his team, Kat's tearied eye face let loose in complete sobbing against Mishi's chest which he wrapped his arms around her and held her close for comfort, Hiroko stood motionless still and stared at Ven, her mouth parted as to speak but shock held her silent. Ven turned and saw the edge of the land against the water, the crashing waves that broke the sound of segulls that flew over head screeching the edge of shore for food that scurried. The sun was at the edge of the horizon setting agaisnt the water gleeming it with autumn color brown and light orange sparkling as the whiteheads of the smaller waves crashed in the distance and Ven let loose a small
slight smile and spoke softly to himself. "Forever always Zioa" With his parting words he watched the rest of the sun breaking and closed his eyes with darkness come.
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SPOILER!!!! Hex Scene

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