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 Dice Roll System and Tutorial and Rules (UPDATED!!!!)

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Ven Vernier
Ven Vernier
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Admin and Alliance Captain

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PostSubject: Dice Roll System and Tutorial and Rules (UPDATED!!!!)   Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:54 pm



the dice roll system is a new and advanced way to role play in the forums. Im posting this tutorial for you all to get a better understanding of how to use it. The dice roll system is a little complicated to begin with but, after a few uses of it and learning a little how to use it you will be role playing better than before, with less work and stress to you, I like the sound of that dont you?


The dice roll is located under your send button on the post section of the post. When you go to post a response or any post at that, you will notice right below your post button will be a little menu that says (Dice Roll) you will have some options on how to roll the dice. You will click the drop-down menu for the dice you want to roll. Each having its own use and rules. After selecting the dice you want to use and roll you will click post afterwards and then see the results of your post.


The movement dice is actually a little easier than the others, seeing as it only has to be used once in each battle engagement.The movement dice is the dice that determines who is going to move first in the battle. Let us go over an example real fast. Say Ven and Anthony were in a battle engagement and they needed to know who was going to make the first move. Well Ven will roll the dice and see who will get the movement. Let us say Ven rolls a 1 that will automatically mean Ven will move second being that all the numbers are bigger than one. Basic rule of movement dice, whoever gets the larger number will get to move first, short simple and to the point.


The damage dice is a little more complex than the Movement dice. The damage dice is the one that determines how much damage is done on the opponent during a battle engagement. Be sure to remember when you roll the dice you are ranged between 1-6 those numbers are important. But be sure to remember whatever number you roll you will have to add a zero at the of it roll a 6 it will be 60, roll a 5 it will be 50 etc. etc. Not to mention with you have a weapon with bonus damage on it, it will add to the attack that was just dealth so say Ven rolled a 6 during a battle, making it 60, then he has a weapon that has a bonus of +20 attack, so all together it will be added up to 80 total damage points. The same goes for magic spells, whatever their bonus is, you will add it to the total damage counter and if the spell has a magic effect it will also apply for it.


The hit or miss dice is the fantasy of role-players who hate god modders. The hit or miss dice is another change in combat. Just a quick question, are you tired of people dodging all of your attacks and never laying a hit on them. This hit or miss dice is going to change that all. The hit or miss dice is a two sided dice, just as simple as this, roll the dice, if a one, you hit, if a two you miss, that way no one is dodging excessively and it is all hit or miss by random, hope you all enjoy this dice as much as me.


The training dice is under construction and it will be up soon, so dont worry your little heads about it just yet. Happy role playing everyone, I hope this tutorial helped you in some way about the dice roll system
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Aaron havok
Aaron havok
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Mercenary Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Dice Roll System and Tutorial and Rules (UPDATED!!!!)   Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:44 pm

i understand
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Dice Roll System and Tutorial and Rules (UPDATED!!!!)

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